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Teaching in Dubai: Advantages

Several teachers relocate to Dubai year after year and with state of the art international schools opening up at a record pace, there seems no reason to believe the trend will slow down anytime soon.

Teachers tend to complete an academic year or two before moving on to their next location with their new teacher friends – so it’s a constant revolving door; for all the right reasons!

We turned to social media to ask teachers why they settled on Dubai and what they are enjoying about their experience; here are our favourites!

The Schools – This came up a lot. The schools are outstanding with modern facilities and creative buildings which makes teaching fun and exciting. Dubai international schools all seem to have amazing websites showcasing their facilities; have a look at the Dubai British School for an example of what to expect if you land a teaching job in a great school!

Pay – Competitive salaries. Tax-free. Need we say more? Teachers are playing an important role in growing the Dubai economy and are rewarded accordingly. Expect a decent monthly salary, often with end of year bonuses! Your package will usually also cover annual return flights, insurance and accommodation/ accommodation allowance.

It’s Dubai! – If you’re flying into Dubai for the first time, make sure you request a window seat. As you approach you will note a beautiful coastline and a shimmering city skyline that appears out of nowhere. On the ground, you will experience an impressive city with artificial islands, beautiful man-made beaches and impressive buildings. It’s crazy to think that this was all once just sand!

The Weather – Personally, we love the heat and would choose sun over rain any day of the week. Dubai offers a year-round summer climate. It gets really hot in the summer, and hot in the winter. Heaven.

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