Teaching in Dubai

Read: An Irish Teacher in Dubai

Teaching in Dubai – where to begin? I’ve experienced lots of whirlwinds in my life, but teaching in Dubai must be the craziest! From researching before emigrating, I was aware I needed to brace myself to expect anything, how mad can it be I thought? Well! I never envisaged moving 200 crate loads of classroom

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Dubai Teacher Positions

Teaching in Dubai: Advantages

Several teachers relocate to Dubai year after year and with state of the art international schools opening up at a record pace, there seems no reason to believe the trend will slow down anytime soon. Teachers tend to complete an academic year or two before moving on to their next location with their new teacher

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Dubai – An Interesting City!

When considering teaching internationally Dubai must be at the top of your list. The packages on offer from schools are lucrative and there’s something for everyone with year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and some of the best shopping in the world. With roughly 85% of Dubai being expats the students you teach will be

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Interview Tips

During the interview process, you will increase your chances of securing a great post if you sound knowledgeable about both Dubai and the school – it shows you are serious about relocating and that you are keen on working for them. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority is the educational quality assurance and regulatory authority

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